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Motivated people can get many places in the future and reach many of their goals.  Individuals around them may wish to be just like them and in return can become a motivated individual themselves.  Their main focus is finding their achievements and reaching their goals  Motivated individuals are a perfect example of what finding endless possibilities may be like.  This time we would like to find motivated students by offering them a scholarship and help them find their own success.  As a merit-based scholarship, College JumpStart Scholarship offers a $1,500 award annually to students wishing to pursue higher education.  College JumpStart is here to help students with continuing their college education and one of the ways is by offering students a simple scholarship.  There is no need to prove grades or financial need.  Students are simply chosen based on the merit of their application and personal statement of 250 words or less.  This scholarship is being offered to high school students in their sophomore year of high school and above, as well as undergraduate college students and adult students.  Applicants must be citizens or legal residents of the United States.  The  College JumpStart Scholarship is being offered twice annually in fall and spring with the deadlines in April and October of each year. will help students apply quickly for the College JumpStart Scholarship along with other scholarships to fit their desires.  Scholarship Owl only requires students to fill one application and automatically applies students to all other scholarships of their choice.  We hope to find an extremely motivated student that could help other students feel more motivated and achieve their own dreams.


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