College Is Power Scholarship – $1,500

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College Is Power Scholarship is an awarding scholarship that gives students $1,500 towards their schooling for a simply writing a short essay.  This is an opportunity that should not be ignored since it only takes a couple of steps to get students applied to.  Students should prove what they got and that they have the power to complete college on their own.  Scholarships are rewarding and they can help students get a step further without too much effort. wants to put students in control to get the education that they deserve.  They offer adult and non-traditional students direction and material to help them get back to school.  Students are able to find professional articles that the experts have written to help guide students to college completion.  College Is Power gives away financial aid help and even helps students discover colleges that are suitable for them.  Students 17 years of age or older that are planning to start higher education on campus or online have a great opening towards college opportunities by applying for the $1,500 scholarship.  Yes, even online, so students do not even have to go to school to attend classes.  Students can study at home without the hassle of going to and returning from school.  Talk about saving money on gas as well.  It is a way to help students pay for their college, buy a computer, or anything that relates to their schooling.  All students have to do is write an essay that is 150 words or less and they are entered.  The deadlines are usually at the end of May and end of August each year.


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