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CollegeIsPower.com Scholarship – $1,500

by daniel

Do you have the power? Do you believe that you have what it takes? Well CollegeIsPower.com wants to put you in control of your own future and get the education that you deserve.  Students 17 years of age or older that are planning to start higher education on campus or online have a great opportunity towards $1,500.  The scholarship offers students the opportunity to choose from the university of their choosing and doesn’t require a specific graduation year to win.  Grab your chance while you are at it.  It is a way to help you pay for your college, buy a computer, or anything that relates to your schooling.  All you have to do is write an essay. Simply write an essay with 150 words or less about a topic of your choosing.  Can it get any simpler than that?  I think not!  This is an opportunity not to be missed.  So do you have the power?>

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