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CollegeMapper Monthly Scholarship – $500

by daniel

Getting prepared for college can be one of the most nerve-wrecking circumstances for high school students.  Many students do not know the process to applying for college and tend to miss on great opportunities that are available to them.  Students end up missing out on important things such as dates, deadlines, whole application process, and available scholarships. CollegeMapper is here to help high school students get prepared for college by giving students step-by-step guidance on finding a good college, great scholarships, and being prepared for the entire application process.  CollegeMapper helps students with their college applications, resumes, essays, and much more.  CollegeMapper keeps students ahead of the college application process and serves as a reminder for students to get them to turn paperwork on time.  The CollegeMapper Monthly Scholarship is for high school students who will be entering college.  Students can get their chance at a $500 scholarship and best of all, it does not require any essays or any other excessive work.  High school students may apply and the earlier they do it, the better, in order to get prepared for anticipation of entering college.  Students will be entered for the scholarship award to win when they register.  This scholarship is being offered once a month with the deadline on the last day of the month.  A winner is chosen monthly.  This is a great opportunity to keep students on track and it could lead to many other greater prospects.  Not only do students get a chance at a scholarship, but also get themselves prepared for their future.


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