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When it comes to entering college, it is important for students to know all the steps it takes to get there.  Starting from reading everything related to college to eventually beginning the three or four hour college classes.  The more students educate themselves, the more confident they will feel about starting college.  As a financial servicing bank and one of the biggest financial organizations in the United States, Wells Fargo sure knows what it means to save up money and use it towards significant things.  Wells Fargo is giving students an opportunity to educate themselves on all the steps to take in order to enter a college by offering them the $1,000 CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes for their chance at saving some money towards their education.  Students simply apply for the sweepstakes without having to write any essays or submit any required documents.  This contest is open for full-time or part-time high school and post-secondary students.  Students must be legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia.  There will be four separate drawings held per year where twenty high school students and twenty college students are chosen per drawing making it 160 students getting awarded in total.  Students can apply from August to August next year with the deadline in mid-August.  Students will also receive tools and tips from Wells Fargo on completing all the college steps.  This great opportunity gives students a chance at some money and ideas on preparing themselves for their college years ahead.  With the simple application process and so many awards, students are given a great chance at being chosen a winner for that year.

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