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The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship is only for the students who want to study more and secure good jobs. A number of students who are unable to get admission in foreign universities can complete their education by sitting at home. The only thing you require is to pay attention and regularly studying all the lectures. Although, the online or the distance education does not need so much financial resources, but there are also some students that are unable to pay these fees and they need to get higher education. This scholarship is for Masters Degree Programs. As this scholarship is for the online programs therefore, students from any country can apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship program starts in September 2013. The scholarship funds are provided with the cooperation of two or more universities only to support the students who are unable to pay the educational fee. Many universities are also trying to explore some other latest scholarship to support the students. For an example Cardiff University is providing scholarship for MSc Clinical Optometry and MSc Palliative care and medicine. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine provide scholarship for MSc Public Health, MSc Clinical Trials, and MSc in infectious diseases, MSc in Epidemiology and MSc in Global Health Policy. University of Edinburgh offers scholarship for MSc international animal health, MSC wildlife. Biodiversity and ecosystem health, MSc Global health and noncommunicable diseases and MSC global health and infectious diseases.

The universities have not specified the number of scholarships provided to the students. This scholarship program is provided to the students of Malaysia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Western Samoa, Solomon, Papua New Guineas, India, Kenya, Belize and many other countries.

Eligibility criteria.

In order to apply for the online scholarship program:

• You should have completed your graduation degree from any public university or private. You can also complete your graduation by online means in order to apply for the scholarship.
• The candidate should be a citizen of developing countries like commonwealth countries.
• You must have good communication skills to influence the board of directors to select you for the scholarship.
• Application form should be provided with all the essential documents that may help you for example a letter of recommendation for scholarship.

You must apply with all the essential documents especially mentioned in the eligibility criteria. The more you will be focused, the more will be the chances to get the scholarship. Please apply for the scholarship if you really want financial aid. You must apply before the final submission date of the application. Try to mention all the financial needs and financial problems you face to get yourself educated. It will be the best practice and help the panel to select the candidate who really needs this scholarship.

If you used to spend your time in maximum online research, then you can easily find ways to apply for the scholarship. Otherwise, you can apply for the scholarship from the official websites.

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