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Transferring from a high school to a university is a big step and a lot of work is anticipated from students.  Moving from a dependent life to an independent life is a process that everyone has to go through.  However, some students take small steps to help them prepare for such changes.  Students are able to attend a community college in preparation for taking the big step to a big university and an independent lifestyle.

Community colleges are two-year colleges that offer students to get a two-year degree, also known as the associate’s degree.  It is a good way for students to prepare for bigger opportunities.  Community colleges are similar to attending a high school but a step closer to attending a university.  Although four-year institutions offer on-campus living, community colleges do not.   While in a community college, students have less worries, can save money, and are able to go to a college close to their home while still living with their parents, unless they choose to rent an apartment.  At community colleges students find it more flexible to choose courses they need and at particular times that suits their schedule.  Students get an advantage of being able to transfer all or most of their courses to a four-year institution.

Although community colleges offer general classes, they also offer courses related to programs that students may be interested in.  While the options are limited, students should make sure that their community college offers specialized majors that interests them.  This option helps them prepare for a four-year institution where they will continue with other courses needed to get a degree.  Community colleges are the best option for those students still unsure of what field of study they want to pursue.  It helps students figure out what they want to do after having some college experience.  Since most four-year institutions require a good GPA, community colleges do not.  However, many students get the chance to improve their GPA at a community college before applying and attending a four-year university.

Those students wishing to save some money should attend a community college for their first two years and then transfer to a four-year university to finish their last two years.  Students get to save thousands of dollars this way since community colleges are about a few thousands a year where attending a university could be twice as much or more a year.  Students in a community college still get a chance at some financial aid, even as part-time students.  Students attending a community college get to worry less about financing their education and about college debt.  Best of all, students are able to work a full-time or part-time job while attending a community college and without feeling overworked.  The students that choose to attend a community college first end up saving a lot of money even if they attend a four-year institution for the remaining two years.

In the end, a community college is the best option for those students not sure of what they will expect or perhaps which direction they want to take.  For those students paying for their own college education, a community college can lower their debt since education at two-year colleges is a lot cheaper.  It is best that students attend a community college the first two years and then transfer to a four-year university.  It is the paramount and most secure way to getting a bachelor’s degree.


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