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Helping others should always be rewarding especially to those that have taken so much of their personal time to assists others.  Volunteering is highly regarded and volunteers are very valuable to our community.  Whether it is helping the poor or doing volunteer work at a hospital, help is needed everywhere.  An extra hand in every situation is significant.  Volunteering is work without pay that is highly regarded when it comes to a college education, work, public, and for community assistance.

Lots of places are in need of volunteering assistance.  Individuals seeking volunteer work can choose what and where to do it.  Organizations such as community service organizations, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, as well as many others are constantly seeking volunteers.  In return, most of these organizations offer scholarships to those students for their commitment and hard work.   Students should ask if there are scholarships available and where to find scholarships requiring community service.  Even in emergency cases volunteers are highly regarded.  With various projects in schools, environment, community, international, and even emergency situations, helps is needed in all places.

Students that apply for scholarships must have performed a certain amount of hours to qualify and the more volunteer hours they have, the better the chance at winning a scholarship.  Their GPA is another important facet when applying.  Highly regarded students can get many recommendations from the organizations they were involved in and in return can get connections to many other scholarship opportunities.  Students with good grades and a volunteering commitment are set above everyone else.  Volunteering is beneficial because it leads to many future life prospects.  Students are able to find jobs easier given that volunteer work is regarded as a work experience.  Students with community involvement have many more opportunities awaiting them and a greater chance at winning scholarships since most scholarships look to see if they have involvement in the community.

These individuals used their free time to helps others without expecting much back.  Their volunteer work may be free for them but it is meaningful to the ones needing help.  At the same time, individuals volunteering feel good about helping others.  Both the volunteer and the ones getting help get some benefits.  Volunteers can learn new skills, whether it is building a home or organizing an event to raise money for the threatened society and use those skills in the future.

Finally, those that commit so much of their time to helping others deserve even more.  Scholarships are the best way to reward the younger generation.  Best of all, students that participate in community service could get many open doors especially if it relates to the work they had done.  The rewards from volunteering can be never-ending and can bring so much more for all.  Bringing smiles to others can also bring smiles to the one helping them.  It is a great way to meet people, get experience, achieve rewards, and feel good about themselves.  Volunteering serve as a cause to social change by helping others, solving problems, and getting the benefits it brings.


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