Corcentric Accounting Software Scholarship – $1,000

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The time has come for us to see how capable we are at handling our finances.  Would a little extra money in the pocket help cover all our expenses?  Getting a little advice can help us learn how to better manage our finances and could make us feel more secure.  Whenever we are offered some extra cash we should take advantage of an opportunity like that.  Corcentric is a leader in delivering solutions to financial process automation.  Corcentric helps businesses with electronic invoices and they also specialize in Accounts Payable automation.  Corcentric is not only here to help business function better, but also to help students get educational assistance.  The Corcentric Accounting Software Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship that is for students who are seniors in high school and up to their junior year in college.  This is a great chance at some free money, however it does come with one little requirement.  To enter the contest, the only constraint is that students should submit their essay of up to 500 words.  It’s that easy!  That is all that it takes to get some extra cash in their pocket.  It is definitely well worth it.  The winner gets selected based on the quality of their essay on the topic given.  The deadline is usually in mid-May annually so it gives students adequate time to apply.  This scholarship gives students an opportunity to delve into the fields of financing or accounting and possibly attain new material.  It might also open their eyes to managing their future finances and get them set for their future tasks.

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