“Countdown to College” Scholarship – $1,000

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There is nothing better than when students are fully prepared for their college education.  Getting all the resources and tips on applying, dealing with challenges, and completing education successfully is what each student needs to know about.  Potential Magazine has been there for high school students by offering all the help that one student may need while attending a college or university.  Potential Magazine offers the right tools, guidance, and resources to help prepare students for their college experience.  The magazine offers great information on Financial Aid, test preparation, admission and much more to a successful college education.  It is a website that shows all the potential that students can get by showing them the steps to get there.  Potential Magazine is offering their $1,000 Countdown to College Scholarship to students who sign up for Potential Magazine for their eNewsletter on scholarships, ACT/SAT, and other college preparations.  Best of all, students are only required to enter their email address to enter the scholarship competition.  Just for simply signing up, students will get access to more information on all type of college preparation and ways to succeed.  Students that will be entering college and are in grades 9 through 12 may enter the scholarship contest.  Although many students may be competing, this is an opportunity that should not be missed since it offers students a chance at some college funds and students get access to answers to all the question that they might have.  This easy scholarship is an annual scholarship that gives students a chance to apply until May 1st of every year.

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