Couponing for a College Party


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Couponing for a College Party

Couponing Couponing for a College Party

Throw a Big Party on a Small Budget with Coupons

Parties are pretty common in college, especially for people in a sorority or fraternity. If you are a college student at the moment, you may be tempted to throw your own bash at some point in time. There is just something so exciting about the idea of throwing a party, no matter how much it may cost. Lucky for you, there are ways to actually use coupons to save enough money so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your big day. Here are some tips for using coupons for a college party.

Collecting Coupons for a Party

If you already know that you are going to be throwing a party, you might as well start collecting coupons to use for it. You could do this by just saving the coupons you personally get in the mail, but that may not be enough coupons to cover your costs completely. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, get your pledges to go around campus trying to get coupons from people. If you are in a club, see if you can get people to bring them to the next meeting. You could also contact the newspaper to see if they have any excess ads from the Sunday paper that they are going to throw away. You may be able to pick those up to use for your party.

Selecting Food and Drinks for the Party

In terms of the food and drinks that you can use in your party, try to think outside the box. You may not be able to get a good deal on classics like chips and salsa. You may, however, get a good deal on fruit or pretzels or something else that is slightly unconventional. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. If you can find the ingredients for a really good dish, you might be able to make your own snacks instead of buying them. The little extra work will pay off well in the end.

Creating Invitations for a Party

If you are planning to advertise your party a bit, try to look for coupons for printer ink and paper. You may also want to have a few of your friends make large sets of prints in the library. This will only work if you don’t have to pay money to use the printer on campus. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more this way in the long run. Think about everything you need to put together your invitations and look for coupons to cover their costs. Then all you have to do is start passing out the flyers and hope people show up.

Couponing may not be the first activity you think about for a college party, but it can help you stay on budget while still having fun. Test out the suggestions above for your big blowout, and you’ll surely have a good time.

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