Courage to Grow Scholarship – $500

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Every student deserves a scholarship towards their education. Having the ability to study in college should be a real opportunity for everyone.  The time has come for students to shine and make something of themselves. The Courage to Grow Scholarship defines itself where it gives students courage to help them fulfil their educational dreams.  Courage to Grow focuses on helping students complete their educational goals by assisting students in paying for their college tuition.  It is about students succeeding through education and courage.  It is a monthly scholarship that is available for juniors and seniors in high school, as well as college students.  Students are required to have at least a 2.5 GPA or greater to apply.  At the same time, this opportunity is open to U.S. citizens only.  Students are asked to submit a short essay of 250 words on why they deserve the scholarship.  This scholarship opportunity  gives one student a chance at a $500 towards their college education.  This gives students a chance to show what they got and make themselves stand out.  The Courage to Grow Scholarship can help students grow even more and assist them in reaching their goals.  Students may apply every month for this incredible opening.  The deadline is at the end of every month and there are no reasons for students not to apply for such an initiative that can help them realize their dreams.  This is an open door of opportunities that helps students strive for more which can in return bring more advantages for their future.

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