CPAexcel Accounting Student Scholarship – $2,500

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The search for students majoring in Accounting and Finance has been on a rise.  There are many students pursuing those fields in hopes to land a career in an established company.  Classes have been filling and so has the need for the CPA exams.  Wiley Effective Learning is an online source to free online courses for CPA, CFA, and CMA exams.  People will get exam questions, study guides, review books, flash cards and much more to get themselves entirely prepared for the big exam.  Wiley Effective Learning is also presenting the $2,500 CPAexcel Accounting Student Scholarship Program to college students towards higher education.  Students must be college students who are taking one accounting course and are pursuing education in accounting.  Even part-time students are eligible to apply.  Applicants must be legal residents of the United States and must be 18 years of age or older to qualify.  First-prize winner will get a $2,500 scholarship and will receive a free Wiley CPAexcel Course.  Follow-up winners will receive a free Wiley CPAexcel Course.  The CPAexcel Course is valued at $1,800, however winners will get that complimentary.  Winners will be selected at random so no worries about proving grades or writing essays.  The spring deadline is on April 30th and the fall deadline is on November 30th.  Wiley CPAexcel encourages students to pursue study as a Certified Public Accountants and with Wiley Effective Learning exams students are able to get fully prepared.  WileyCPA is dedicated to fully support education in accounting and help develop future leaders.

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