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Many students have a hard time choosing the right career path and end up changing their major numerous times.  Choosing the right career path is essential and it makes it easier to complete education with love for the chosen career.  It helps students be on the right track and to learn more in order to be prepared for the future.  It is also important to know all the expectations that are awaiting in the future, as well as the pros and cons before choosing a certain career. would like to help students make their dreams come true by offering a $1,500 scholarship towards their college education. is a supplier of licensed medical equipment that offers their customers durable equipment with the same day shipping.  They offer items such as medical machines, masks, humidifiers, medical parts, and much more.  They are giving away the $1,500 scholarship to full-time students that are enrolled in college.  Students are only required to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words by the deadline in order to apply. College Scholarship is offered annually with the deadline on June 30th.  This is a perfect opportunity for those students that know their career path and it helps them get a college education without having to worry about college expenses.  Scholarships serve as an aid in completing college without having to worry about paying for tuition.  In return, they get to save money, get the right education, and land their dream career.  Education is vital just as much as getting a scholarship is when having trouble paying for college education.

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