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Having a writing talent is just as big as having an acting talent.  Many have become professionals and well-known worldwide artists.  Although the acting talent must be shown on screen, writing talent must be shown through writing and many writers have proven that their work can be outstanding.

Creative Communication has been helping individuals learn how to write, improve their writing, and promote their writing.  For those students that believe that writing is their passion, they are invited to apply for Creative Communication Essay Contest to show off their talent and stand out from the rest.  The contest is open to students in grades 4 to 12 in United States or Canada.  Applicants must complete the online application and include their essay of 100 to 250 words.  Ten winners will be chosen and each will be awarded $25 checks, acknowledgment in the book, and a complication of all the writing works from the contest.

The essay contest is offered three times a year with a spring deadline on February 17th, summer deadline July 15th, and fall deadline on October 31st.  This is a great opportunity for beginners and even greater chance for those better-than-average to get noticed and awarded for their unique work.

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