CustomMade Furniture Scholarship – $1,000

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CustomMade Furniture Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship that is giving students a chance to give their thoughts on why to buy custom furniture.  When it comes to college education, individuals only get to choose the school they want to go to, the field of study to pursue, and whether to live on or off campus.  It helps condense down all the choices they need to make from how much to pay for college to the classes they wish to take.  With all new brands and styles of everything today, people are going for the distinctive and one-of-a-kind style.  People focus on what is different from the rest and new styles that make something stand out for its uniqueness. is an online corporation that offers custom goods such as jewelry and furniture and that make high quality custom items to satisfy their customer’s needs.  This time they would like to offer a $1,000 scholarship to students towards their college education.  Students are to submit an essay of minimum 1,000 words by the deadline in order to qualify.  Applicants need to be undergraduate or graduate students at a post-secondary institution to apply.  CustomMade is giving one student a year a chance at this $1,000 scholarship.  Students have until December 15th annual deadline to apply.  Whether it is individual style or the new popular style, it is about the unique custom fashion.  CustomMade is looking to award a student with their custom essay.

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