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CustomMade Jewelry Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

When it comes to purchasing a new bed or perhaps even a new house, people go for the unique style that distinguishes itself from the rest.  Some may prefer the antique styles while some go for the futuristic look.  CustomMade not only helps people find unique jewelry and furniture but they also let customers choose their own style.  Each customer gets exactly what they wished for and right the style they chose.  With CustomMade, individuals are able to get their dream set for their living room or perhaps the engagement ring that they have dreamed of.  This time they would like to see what students think and in return, they will award students with scholarships.  CustomMade Jewelry Scholarship is a $1,000 annual essay-based scholarship that will be given to one student each year that best puts together an essay on their thoughts on why to buy custom jewelry over ordinary jewelry.  Their essay must be minimum 1,000 words and must be submitted by the annual December 15th deadline.  Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student to apply.  Students are not required to submit any items such as grades, scores, or transcripts to apply.  Students with the best ideas and the most exceptional essay will get selected as the scholarship winner.  Not only does CustomMade offer quality products but they also look to help students pursue a quality future and fulfill their dreams.  One 1,000 word essay can bring students a $1,000 check in their name.

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