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When it comes to thinking about the future, there are many hopes and dreams that each individual wishes to achieve.  Hard work and commitment serve as a great promise and as a contract to achieving the perfect lifestyle. helps individuals achieve just that.  It is a place where people come together to share their ideas and read reviews on healthy diets, weight loss programs, and fitness ideas. is a place where students can even benefit where they are given a chance at some funds towards their higher education.  The Scholarship is being offered to students that are legal residents and in their senior year in high school who are enrolled in a college/university as well as those currently attending a post-secondary institution in the U.S.  This is an annual essay-based scholarship and the top winner will get a $3,000 scholarship while another three students will get a $1,000 scholarship each.  Students are required to fill an application along with their 900 to 1,500 word essay for their chance.  Students can apply until December 31st and best of all, this scholarship is being offered every year.  If students did not have much luck this year, they can still apply for next year.  It is time to hear what students have to say about health and get a chance at changing their future or perhaps even someone else’s.  By giving their all, students get a chance to be in their spotlight.  A winner will be chosen by January 15th.

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