Different Types of Scholarships in the United States

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Scholarships are considered to be college funds that help a student to get a decent college education without worrying for paying the hefty tuition fees.

Getting a high class degree from the top college is always a dream for the students and their parents. However, due to a competitive environment only a few students get admitted in a top class college. Here are different types of scholarships available:

• Merit-based scholarships: These scholarships are given to students based on their athletic, academic and artistic performance.

• Financial need-based scholarships: These scholarships are given to students based on their financial needs.

• Sports based scholarships: These scholarships are given to those students who excel in sports like athletics, football, cricket and so on and have achieved great laurels. It is a scholarship given to them so as to reward their hard earned efforts.

• Odd Scholarships: When you go about searching for college scholarships, you will come across many odd scholarships. For example there is a  scholarship which provided to a student on the basis of the student’s last name and height.

• Single Parent Scholarship: These days single parenthood is very much in vogue because of divorces, separation and different lifestyle choices. This scholarship will be able to provide you with tuition fees, books, fund for dorms, other miscellaneous fees which are usually covered by the scholarship.

• Left-handed scholarship: This is a scholarship program which provides about $1000 every year to two left-handed students. It may be easy to obtain, but if you wish to get this scholarship you need to convince the organization as to why you are the most suitable to a person to get the grant.

• Career-specific scholarships: These types of scholarships are very valuable to those students  who have decided exactly what career path to follow. You will be provided with financial assistance based purely on personal interest as well as recent accomplishments. You must also have a passion for a certain type of work.

• College-Specific Awards: There are many colleges where scholarship money available which is used to develop the financial package provided to  an applicant who has been granted admission. These scholarships can be availed for pursuing a specific major, maintaining a certain GPA, etc.

• Departmental Awards: In every college specific department may have scholarships for attracting the students in the department’s field of study. You should contact the department concerned if you wish to avail of the scholarship.

• Private Organizations: There are many private organizations that offer scholarship awards.

• Religious Organizations: Many religious organizations often give scholarships to help their members afford their college education.

Those of you who are interested in getting a college scholarship should have a certain grade point average. Often, this will be the requirement which has to be met if you want one of these scholarships.

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