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Many people find ways to get other people’s personal information and get access to all their passwords and accounts.  Nowadays people can get access to someone’s personal information with just one click.  It leads to a ruined credit as well as many other serious problems.  This goes to show that nothing that we put online is safe anymore and it is time to spread the word.  Digital Responsibility is a group of tech employees that work together to teach youngsters on the dangers of technology.  They focus on protecting individuals as well as our environment.   Digital Responsibility is offering the Digital Privacy Scholarship to students with the purpose of raising awareness on being cautious about what they put on internet.  In order for students to qualify, they are to submit a personal statement of up to 140 characters.  Yes, it is as easy as that for a problem so big!  Digital Responsibility will then choose finalists who will be required to write an additional essay of 500 to 1,000 words. A little bit of work could pay off in the long run as we can imagine what a scholarship can do for us.  The best written essay will get $1,500 towards their college education.  No reason to stop there; the runner-up gets $500.  High school students and college students that are U.S. legal residents or U.S. citizens are welcome to apply.  The deadline for Digital Privacy Scholarship is on June 30th annually and students get plenty of time to apply.  It is time to share all the ideas on having personal information be safe and work on having it stay private. 


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