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Education is important and completing education is essential.  Many students believe that education is valuable and that their hopes and hard work could land them their dream career.  While many believe that education is vital, there are always a few of those that believe that education is a waste of time and money.  ScholarshipExperts focus on helping students find scholarships in hopes to have a less expensive education since tuition rates have gone up in the last couple of years.  ScholarshipExperts offer up to date scholarships for students to apply to and find comfort in completing their education.  ScholarshipExperts are now offering twelve of their own simple scholarships to prove to students that there are easier ways to complete education without having the burden to finance their whole education.   Their Education Matters Scholarship is a $5,000 that is for the student that best describes why education is of importance.  Students are only asked to apply and submit a response of up to 250 words on what they would say to someone who thinks that education is a waste of time.  This scholarship will award one student an immense amount of money towards higher education.  There is no reason to miss out on this prospect since $5,000 is not a small amount and some students could get a whole year of education financially worry-free.  Applicants that wish to apply must be legal U.S. residents and must plan to enroll or are already enrolled in a college.  As long as they are 13 years of age and older, students may apply and hope to get the funds for their future college education.  Students have until November 30th of every year to apply. 

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