Eligibility Criteria for Manufacturing Institute Scholarships

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Manufacturing Institute is providing a number of scholarship programs for the needy students. All the information about the application of the scholarship is provided on the internet. The eligibility criteria for getting the scholarship is provided below.

The applicants from the USA must fulfill one of the following requirements.

• The applicant should be the legal resident of the United States.
• He should have a valid visa card that does not prohibit studies.
• He should have a CIS approved or verified notice of action.
• The applicant can be the employee of the manufacturing company.
• He may be a transitioning employee.
• He may be a student having a manufacturing related degree that has been completed before June 2013.

Other related things include, in advance the applicant should agree to be the national spokesperson for any of the manufacturing career. Although, this is only for the selected candidates, but it is always mentioned before the submission of the application. The applicant will be provided with the 100% tuition fee for the institute. Before applying for the scholarship, the applicant must be the part of any organization either as an employee or as student in any institute.

All the requirements for admission of the University of Phoenix should be fulfilled by the applicant. The applicant should not be the employee of any subsidiary of Apollo Group like the institute of for Professional Development, University of Phoenix or Western International University. The application form should be properly signed and submitted with all the essential documents till the deadline.

The Essay section of the form should be fully explained. Letters of recommendations are the most essential requirement for the application of scholarship. The FERPA form should also be completed so that the manufacturing institute can have a track of the academic performance of the candidate.

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