Emory University Scholarships for Arts and Science Students

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Emory University Scholarships programs are excellent opportunities for international arts and science students. The University have strong commitment with the overall students of the world to enroll them in any degree program and provide aids and financial help to the students. A number of scholarship programs are offered to the undergraduate students of the world.

All the students who are not the permanent residents of the United States of America can apply for the scholarship. As there are a huge number of applicants that apply for the scholarship, but in contrast to that the number of scholarships provided by the university is limited. So all the applicants try their best and work hard to get the winning position.

The University of Emory arts and sciences has hired a committee so that they can review all the applications of the applicants who are interested in getting scholarships. The members of the committee will review all the applications one by one. It is up to the committee to decide the criteria of reviewing the applications. Most of the times, the applicants are reviewed on the basis of the academic history of the applicants and the financial needs of the applicants.

Sometimes, the students have strong financial needs to fulfill their educational requirements, but on the other hand they are not brilliant enough to get the scholarship. Such students must have a strong record in sports. This process is very much helpful for the students who do not apply for the admission in Emory University because of high charges of the university courses. Both the full fee and the half fee scholarship are provided to the students. The only condition of the students is that they should be enrolled in the full time study of the Emory University.

For the undergraduate students, this scholarship is for the tuition fee for four years. This scholarship is renewed after every semester and the students have to maintain their grades so that they may not be eliminated for the future scholarship awards. The international students can simply apply for the scholarships and there is not any extra requirement for the application. For this scholarship, the international student is one who is not permanently living in the United States of America.

Merit Scholarships

The Emory University offers a merit based scholarship for each program. A limited number of seats is fixed for the scholarship holders. After receiving all the applications, a list is prepared by the panel and then the applicants with the highest scores are invited for the further processing. The submission date for the application is 15th of November of every year. Usually 1500 scholarship applications are received by the organization and the number of awarded scholarships is 150. The award of $10,000 is provided each year. In this awarded money all the tuition expenses, room and fee expenses of the winning candidates are fulfilled. Every eligible candidate must apply for the scholarship, he has strong academic history and financial needs.

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