“No Essay” College Scholarship – $2,000

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Some things do not get any simpler than this!  Whenever we get a chance at something free and it does not require any work at all, there is no reason to ignore that chance. is giving away a $2,000 scholarship to students just by simply registering or logging in to is an online search engine that helps individuals find the right community, K-12 school, and college. has experts to help individuals find the answers they have been looking for and make their search easier.  People are able to read other people’s rankings and evaluations and get the best ideas on making the right decisions about their future neighborhood, schools, or colleges.  Students are able to read other student’s reviews on schools and colleges and find many other scholarships to fit their needs.  This scholarship is being offered to students that are enrolled in college or plan to enter college in the next 12 months.  The $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship is a monthly drawing for students towards their college education.  A winner will be selected at random every month.  Best of all, students are welcome to apply every month for this opportunity with the deadline on the last day of every month.  The quickest way to apply for this scholarship opportunity as well as other scholarships is through  Scholarship Owl gives students access to millions of other scholarships by taking away the burden of applying to each one individually.  Scholarship Owl is here to help students apply to many scholarships with just one click.

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