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How well do people in America recycle?  It is hard to imagine how much garbage and waste is being thrown away daily.  Digital Responsibility is a company that focuses on the safety of our daily life as well as dangers of digital world.  They focus on problems such as texting while driving, digital privacy, health and environment, technology addiction, and much more.  They share their ideas on digital responsibility and protection of our health and environment.  A group of tech employees came together to teach the younger generation on consequences that the technology brings.  It is important to understand the dangers of toxins and heavy metals that end up in our ground.  E-Waste Scholarship was created to help students understand the impact of e-waste and to seek ways to reduce it.  This is an annual scholarship that is for students in high school, undergraduates, and graduate students who are U.S. legal residents or U.S. citizens.  The E-Waste Scholarship is easy to apply to and all it requires students to write a simple personal statement of 140 characters or less.  Yes, it is as easy as that for a problem so big!  Chosen finalists will be required to write a full-length essay of 500 to 1,000 words.  Two winners will get chosen.  First-place winner gets a $1,500 scholarship and the second place winner gets a $500 scholarship.  They are looking for students that can find solutions to e-waste and that come up with the best ideas to prevent it.  The deadline for E-Waste Scholarship is on April 30th every year to correspond with Earth Day.

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