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Finding the right scholarship for the minority groups has become easier with thousands of such scholarships available online. These types of scholarships are not only offered by the local or the state government but even the nonprofit organizations, various foundations and the federal government together introduces plenty of scholarships that are only for the minority class. In order to apply for these scholarships, you will have to meet the eligibility criteria of the individual scholarships to obtain the same. Though there are numerous minority scholarships that you will explore but choosing the right one can make a difference to your career.

So now a question arises that how you will search for the minority class scholarships. These scholarships are usually based on the minority group to which students belong. Let’s discover more about these groups and the scholarships offered by them.

African America

If you belong to the African America group, you are liable to apply for the various scholarships that are meant for such students. Some of the foundations and organizations that offer scholarships to these students are United Negro College Fund, Historical Black Colleges and Universities, STEM Scholarships, Jackie Robinson Foundation and lots more. Apart from these options, you also have the public/private organizations that provide grant funds to the students belonging to this class.

Asian American

Students belonging to the Asian American group can easily explore a variety of scholarships that are offered by the Asian American organizations, college or universities, nonprofit organizations, etc. Some of the scholarships are also based on the specialization like the SAJA Journalism Scholarships that offers $8500 to the students who are interested in the field of journalism and want to pursue it as a career.


If you are one of the Hispanic students who are facing financial problems, you can definitely take the benefit of the exclusive scholarships which are meant only for the Hispanic minority groups. There are several foundations dedicated to the task of helping the Hispanic students so that they can move one level up and ensure a better career growth. Some of the scholarship programs that are available for the Hispanic students include Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Google scholarship program, Sallie Mae Fund first in my family program, Hilton diversity scholarship program, MasterCard scholarship program and lots more.

Native American

Do you belong to the Native American group? If yes, you have a number of options open before you. There are many federal programs which are started by the government to assist such students. Even the state governments of the United State have come forward to provide opportunities to the deserving students.


Even women are considered to be a part of the minority group and there are lots of scholarships that usually target the females. Some of them are either offered by the nonprofit organizations while a few are provided by the public or the private companies. A few names that make into this list are Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Society of Women Engineer Scholarship, Make a Statement Scholarship, Young Women in Public Affairs Program, Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting and many more.

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