Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program- $500

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Brand new scholarships are coming out and definitely in a new brand new way.  Scholarship providers would like to see how well students tweet and how creative they can be.  Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program is just that type of a scholarship.  Since students are using Twitter even more, they would like to see how well students tweet.  Express Medical Supply is an online store of highest quality medical supplies that gives customers the freedom to get their supplies delivered at home.  They offer medical supplies such as First Aid, personal care, and anything as great as wheelchairs and bedroom supplies.  Express Medical Supply is giving away a $500 scholarship to a college student with the best answer to the question on their Twitter account.  Students are to write a tweet on Twitter with a proper hashtag and link and are then to submit the URL of their tweet.  It is important for students to have an unprotected Twitter account in order for their Twitter account to be seen.  All applicants need to do is submit their tweet of 108 characters or less.  Students need to be enrolled in college to apply and it can be any two-year or a four-year college.  Just as long as they are legal residents of the U.S. or have a valid student visa, students are welcome to try this easy scholarship opportunity and to earn a $500 scholarship.  Not only that but even part-time students can get their opportunity at this scholarship.  Students have until June 30th to apply.  Best of all, the scholarship winner’s answer will be featured on Express Medical Supply’s blog and Facebook page.

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