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Fifth Month Scholarship – $1,500

by daniel

Scholarships are taken pretty seriously since having some extra money could mean a lot to students.  Many students do not know the different types of scholarships that are out there.  However there are many unique and odd scholarships that no one has ever heard of.  We are talking about unusual scholarships.  Best of all, most of them are easy to apply for.  ScholarshipExperts.com is giving away a $1,500 Fifth Month Scholarship to a student that best explains why number five is important, being that May is the fifth month of the year.  Students may write a funny or a serious response, as long as it is interesting and original.  ScholarshipExperts offers many scholarship opportunities for students by having experts constantly keeping scholarships up to date.  Best of all, ScholarshipExperts offers twelve of their own simple scholarships for each month.  The Fifth Month Scholarship requires students to apply and submit their response by the deadline.  Students only need to write a 250 words or less response.  Students 13 years of age or older and U.S. legal residents may apply.  It is for students that are currently enrolled in a college or plan to enroll in the future.  Students have until the fifth month to apply with the deadline on May 31st annually.  ScholarshipOwl helps students apply to many scholarships as well as the Fifth Month Scholarship with just one application.  Students can visit ScholarshipOwl.com to apply for scholarships with one simple application.  ScholarshipOwl wants to make the application process trouble-free without having to search for scholarships individually, as well as apply to each scholarship.

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