Financial Aid Categories: An Overview

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Alone in the USA, there are several kinds of scholarship available which have total worth more 17 million dollars. The question is here, which one is the right scholarship package for you. You will find several financial aid programs through different funding available for different students but with the single aim, that is supporting the education. Check all the possible option before taking any decision.

Of course, the main purposes of approaching free money are financial help. So, try to get a full – ride scholarship. In this package you will receive enough support to pay your tuition cost as well as accommodation expenses but comparably hard to achieve. There are a lot of other opportunities which do not cover all the expenses but a selected part of the cost during studies. Financial aid is not a game of providing money only.

Beside financial help, sponsor may offer you assistance in the form of internships, book support, seminars, or valuable job. Some scholarship programs have certain requirements to be fulfill to achieve them. For example, you may need to obliged to take a part in conferences, participate in some research work, or perform in a certain organization after studies. Some financial aid programs require to be renewed on regular bases may be on a semester or yearly basis. Be careful, while choosing any paycheck.

Merit base scholarships are the most common ones. These are usually awarded by the public or private college or universities where you want to complete your study dreams. Merit based scholarship holders are chosen on the criteria of academic performance, work experience, volunteer commitment, or other extracurricular activities. Other factors are athletic , artistic, or musical abilities. Merit based financial aid is awarded without taking into consideration the financial needs.

Some financial aid is provided on certain criteria such as, gender, nationality, political affiliation, religion, special needs, medical history, disabilities, race, or many more. You may be eligible for need based scholarship depending on your and your family’s financial position. In the USA these types of scholarship are known as “student grants” provided by the government, public institutions, or charitable organizations or private business.

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