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Find a Law Scholarship – $500

by daniel

Find a Law Scholarship is another fun and easy scholarship to apply to.  Lindsay Leavitt of Napier, Coury, & Baillie Law Offices are sponsoring the $500 scholarship for students towards their college expenses.  The Law offices specialize in personal injuries, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.  They focus on protecting the rights of their clients and giving them the proper representation.  At the same time, they would like to help students with getting their college degrees by assisting them with the cost of their college expenses.  Students are not required to major in Law or anything; they simply have to be enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the U.S.  All students have to do is to answer a short question on the craziest law that they have heard of for their chance at a $500 scholarship.  It may Local, State, or Federal law just as long as it is unique and silly.  Students are required to find a law that is in the books and a law that no one has ever heard of.  It cannot get any simpler than that.  The most unique response will get the attention of the judges.  Best of all, there is no limit on the short answer.  The scholarship is being offered twice annually with the deadlines usually in May and in August.  Two students will get a break from paying off their college tuition or other school related expenses.  This possibility will help students focus on education and not on the struggle of compensating their education

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