Fulbright Scholarships for International Students

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There are about 8000 financial awards and scholarships for international students that are provided by USA Fulbright in a year. According to a rough estimate, 900 from visiting scholars, 1600 from the United States Students and 4000 are from the students of foreign countries are selected to award scholarship.

The scholarship program by USA Fulbright was started in 1946 and about 310,000 students have got scholarship yet. The president of the United States of America has appointed a board named as the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship board. The board contains 12 members. Some of them were educational leaders while others were the Public leaders.
The board was appointed to establish the policies, rules and the criteria of selection. The eligibility criteria of the scholarship are also selected by the board like the people who are living in Slovenia and having the nationality of the United States of America, are unable to apply to the scholarship program.

Nature of the scholarship or financial aid.

Different kinds of scholarship programs are offered for different applicants according to their degrees. The final funding of the institute decides the number of grants for international students.

Post doctoral research scholarship program.

This scholarship is provided on the basis of available funding. In order to get the scholarship, the candidate must have a doctoral degree and he should be expert in English. The candidate must have the nationality of Slovenian. During the application for scholarship, the candidate must submit some essential documents like:

• Online application form should be taken as printout and provided along with the application form.
• A copy of the real degree of the candidate.
• The invitation letter from the University of United States should also be provided.
• An authentic letter of employment is also required.

The deadline for the submission of application form is 7 June, 2013. The applicant should be mailed at the postal address of the institute.

Guidelines for an application.

The reference report should be provided in perfect English. All the referees are required to submit their references by mail. The references should be submitted before a deadline and it is the responsibility of the candidates. The resume of the candidate is also required during the application process. All the given things should be included in the resume.

• The position of the candidate during the employment duration.
• All the academic records including degree and the University Name.
• A list of the courses studied by the candidate.
• Names of all the publications of the candidate.
• Any professional activity, if conducted either a seminar or a workshop.
• Any service for the community.

Preparation of the Project Statement.

One of the most essential parts of the Fulbright application is the preparation of a project statement. In order to win the awarded money, the project statement should be in well-written condition, the proposal should be feasible and theoretically meaningful. You must try your best in order to win the awarded money either in the form of preparation of project Statement or preparation of a resume.

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