Future Physicians Scholarship Program – $500

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There is nothing greater than seeing a person with confidence affect everyone around them in a positive way.  Approaching your college studies with the same confidence can help create opportunity later on. If you feel you can do it, then we have a scholarship for you. Dr. Mark Jensen is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Much in the same way that he helps his patients, Dr. Jensen is also focused on helping students feel more confident about the next level of education.  The $500 Future Physicians Scholarship Program is being offered to students in hope that some will pursue a field in the medical profession.  It serves as a purpose for students to get motivated in everything they do and most importantly in completing their educational dreams.  With education, individuals are able to get to their career goals.  Students are only required to submit an essay of 300 to 1,000 words in order to apply.  Students that will be attending or are attending a college, university, graduate programs, or medical school are welcome to apply.  The scholarship is being offered annually where students can apply at any time.  The scholarship is open for a whole year with the annual deadline in October.  If you are committed to increasing your scholarships total for school, we recommend completing the essay and complete the application.


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