The Get Up Get Active Scholarship – $1,000

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Being active is a key element to a joyous and a successful life.  Ambitious people are always working ahead and are high achievers.  They are capable of anything and are always open up for new ideas.   Being ambitious may perhaps lead to many achievements and accomplishments.  Get Up Get Active works to help students get off their couch and get moving.  They have developed a suitable program for a better physical education by teaching students the right techniques to a better physical program.  The main focus is to help teach students to get off their feet and work on their future prospects.  Through education students are capable of getting further in life and accomplishing their goals.  The Get Up Get Active Scholarship is for all high school and college students.  All students have to do is submit a 500 word essay for a chance at a $1,000 scholarship towards their college education.  The scholarship is being offered annually with a deadline in October which leaves students plenty of time to apply.  Get Up Get Active Scholarship is just that, to show students that it is time to get up and get active.  Working hard pays off in the end and only the striving and motivated succeed.  It is time to get moving and get started on a new adventure.  Scholarships are important and may change the lives of many students.

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