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Table of Contents is an online company that offers resources for small businesses and now offers an annual $500 scholarship to students to help them get through college without worrying about paying for it. has blogs and podcasts for individuals and businesses to gain business knowledge, to learn about managing finances, as well as gain legal skills to provide expert knowledge.  When it comes to searching for a job it is really important to “get in the business.”  In order to get there, experience, knowledge, and education are a must.  The more that one individual has, the better.  In order to get through education first, it is important to focus on studies and acquire the knowledge needed for the future.  With that, education can be pricey and paying for college education can be difficult.  Students get a chance to earn a $500 Scholarship by simply submitting some writing work.  Applicants will be required to submit an essay of 500 or less on entrepreneurship and a short essay of 200 words or less on why they would be a perfect candidate for the scholarship.  This essay-based scholarship is open to all students that will be attending a four-year college.  Those students pursuing an entrepreneurial career have a greater chance at winning since is all about business.  Since this is an annual scholarship, students will have until March 31st to apply.  A winner will get chosen on April 30th and any applications received afterwards will be for the following year.  This is a great chance for those that know what to do once they gain their education and knowledge, and in return gain some experience for their future career.

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