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Goldstein & Hayes is an Atlanta personal injury law firm that focuses on helping families achieve just that.  A serious injury can be devastating and it will take time to heal physically as well as mentally.  The law firm has worked on and solved many different cases such as medical malpractice, automobile accidents, wrongful death, child birth injuries, brain and spinal cord injury, truck accidents, and swimming pool accidents.  They would also like to help students by offering them a $1,000 scholarship towards their college education.  Education is important and it helps students get ready for all that the future has to bring for them. Students must be seniors in high school or in college in order to apply.  Students with the best 750 word essay on their determinacy get a chance of a lifetime.  This opportunity will open more doors for students and will teach them how to be a true fighter and get the greatest outcomes.  Students should share their experience and they just might be able to change someone’s life just like they can change theirs with a $1,000 scholarship opportunity.  The annual deadline is on May 31st and students even get an extra opportunity to achieve another $1,000 after the deadline for resubmitting their essay or writing a new one by the August deadline.

We found this scholarship on This along with hundreds more can be applied to by using one, ONLY ONE registration form.

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