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“GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

Many scholarships require a lot of work and it makes students feel that they do not have all the qualities required to apply.  It makes students feel that they are not a valuable student or a good enough student.  Students may feel as if they have no way of proving their self worth when it comes to entering a college.  Cappex.com is here to help students find their future opportunities and feel as of importance.  The $1,000 “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship is a monthly scholarship that many students can apply to.  Cappex.com helps students find a college of their choice by comparing colleges, reading reviews, and seeking numerous scholarship opportunities.  Cappex.com matches students to colleges and scholarships that they qualify for and best of all, students can engage with other students to assist and advise each other.  The “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship is an opportunity for students to get their chance at a $1,000 scholarship by not having much work to do to apply.  Applicants are not required to submit any essays or make themselves look better than others.  All that applicants have to do is fill the short application in order to apply.  Students that are in high school and that will be attending college next year, as well as students already enrolled in college may apply.  Students must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  The deadline for the scholarship is on the last day of every month and one winner will be chosen monthly.  This is a scholarship opportunity worth taking.

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