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Green Home Improvement Scholarship – $1,000

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Found this scholarship on scholarshipowl.com. Scholarship Owl offers one registration to hundreds of great scholarships. Check out more about the Green Home Improvement Scholarship below.

We are constantly striving to find ways to have a greener planet in order to improve our health and our environment. We have lost so much of our natural resources that our air, water, and food quality have become depraved. In order for our lives and health to improve, people need to focus on having a healthier, greener planet. Many people have come up with useful ways to improve our style of living as well as our planet. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular because people not only get to save some money on gas but there is also a reduction in emission equaling less pollution. Solar energy is becoming even more popular where people can warm their homes and pools simply from the heat of the sun. HomeAdvisor Inc. is one of the leaders of free professional online home improvements that offer the best tools and resources to better home living. Their online expertise helps homeowners repair their own projects and even find better ways to improve their homes. They are offering the annual $1,000 Green Home Improvement Scholarship to a student that builds the best essay on green home improvement. Students must be seniors in high school or currently enrolled in college to apply. All students are required to do is submit their essay of 1,000 to 2,000 words on green home improvement and submit it by the December 15th deadline. We would like to hear student’s ideas and thoughts on how we can improve the service we provide. We are hoping the scholarship and others like it, with the help of services like Scholarship Owl will help students make those changes in the future.

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