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United States is the prime country which gives funding to the outstanding students from all around the world specifically from the developing countries. It has an extensive database of grants, scholarships and the fellowships in a very organized manner. These funding are organized on the government as well as institute level. The scholarships primarily are maintained and systematized by the Institute of International Education (IIE). The scholarships are offered for almost all the fields of academics for all the levels of study say graduate, postgraduate and post-secondary study. Harvard University is one of those institutions which award the deserving students with scholarships. Harvard business School is an institute which is basically focused on producing and developing the business leaders. Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, so, institute’s business graduates use their developed skills in the field to change and bring innovations in the business or the organizations of their home country. Therefore, Harvard’s 2 year MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program is one of the world’s leading and prominent business programs.

The Boustany MBA Scholarship to Harvard Business School is the scholarship offered by “The Boustany Foundation” to the students with outstanding achievements during their studies and highly meriting candidates. They should have an excellent academic background as well as a considerably successful career experience. The Boustany Scholarship is awarded once every two years. The applicants must fulfill all the requirements for admission in Harvard Business School in order to be eligible for the scholarship. The candidates can apply for the HBS scholarship after they receive an offer for the place on Harvard MBA program. It is a fully funded scholarship program for the students who manage to get through the obstacles and win the scholarship. The Scholarship offer is available for almost all the nations around the globe but priority is given to the candidates of Lebanese descent. Moreover, it is necessary for the scholarship awardee to appear and complete a summer internship program between the first and second year of the degree course. The internship program is also done with the Boustany foundation and does not offer any salary. Hence the candidate will carry no salary for the internship.

The scholarship for Masters in Business administration covers the full tuition fee of $80,000 for 2 years i.e. 40,000 for each year. It also covers the accommodation and travel expenses that are related to the internship. When you wish to apply for the scholarship you need to submit your resume with a photo, you GMAT scores with an acceptance letter from the university. If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview with the Foundation and then only candidate will be awarded with the scholarship. This is the best chance to join one of the leading and most prestigious universities around the world to study the Masters in Business Administration course as you not only win a degree in Business Administration but can also polish and practice you skills while internship.

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