Hawaii Scholarships

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Planning to pursue a college degree in the state of Hawaii? If so, you need some kind of financial aid to fund your degree program. There are tons of scholarships available in this island state, no matter what college you go to or what major you choose. You can live in Honolulu, Oahu, Mililani, Pearl City, or anywhere else and still get the money you need for college. Before you accept every student loan available to you, you need to consider some of the scholarships you could apply for. Here is a look at a few of the common ones, as well as some tips to help you find more of them in the future.

Popular Scholarships in Hawaii

Here is a list of popular scholarships in the state of Hawaii:

How to Find Hawaii Scholarships

If you want to find scholarships in Hawaii, you should look for some offered by your school of choice. Most universities have tons of scholarships for incoming freshmen and continuing students, so you should be able to find something for you. If not, ask your financial aid advisor at the school if he or she has any suggestions for you. This person should be able to tell you about scholarships that aren’t well-advertised, so you should have access to money that no one else can see.

You can also find a lot of scholarships online, like the ones available through ScholarshipOwl. Think about your major, your talents, your passions, and your location. All of these factors could lead you to a great scholarship opportunity. The more awards you qualify for, the better off you will be. You can never have too much money to pay for college.

Average Tuition Rates for Hawaii Colleges

Tuition rates in Hawaii are considered high overall, but you should be able to find financial aid to help you cover part of that. The list below shows cost estimates for different types of colleges and universities in Hawaii. Use these numbers to approximate your education costs, courtesy of the College Board:

  • Public Two Year College: $3,254 per year
  • Public Four Year University: $9,097 per year
  • Private Four Year University: $14,694 per year