William K. Schubert Scholarship for Nursing Students

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The William K. Schubert Scholarship is sponsored by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It was created to encourage minority students to take an active role in nursing degree programs. If you are a prospective nursing student from an underrepresented group, you may be eligible for those nursing scholarships. Here is a general overview of the award so you can determine if you want to apply.

The William K. Schubert Scholarships at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $2,750 a year for up to four years
  • Number of Awards: Varies by year
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Minority nursing students from low income families

William K. Schubert Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
To apply, you must be affiliated with one of the following minorities: American Indian, Asian Indian, Alaska Native, African American, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian Native, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese/Southeast Asian. You must be pursuing a nursing degree in the state of Ohio, and you must have a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Application Details
If you want to apply, you may download an application form from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital website. Fill out the form, and turn it into the scholarship committee through the instructions on the application. Make sure to attach the requested forms on the application, and send everything off before the April 30th deadline. Then all you have to do is wait to hear if you have won or not.

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