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Changing people’s lives is one of the greatest gifts that anyone could give.  People in a medical profession do just that.  The experience does not only change patient’s lives but the professionals as well.  There are many prospects out there for everyone and the knowledge that people get is priceless.  The Belmont Anderson & Associates Podiatry Clinic is one of the most trusted in podiatry care in Las Vegas.  Podiatrist Dr. Belmont Anderson and his trained assistants work to help patients with all foot and ankle needs.  They are trained professionals that have been working since 1980 to give the best care to their patients.  This time they would like to focus on students and their future.  Dr. Belmont Anderson made sure to get the best education in order to be the best doctor and is now striving to help students achieve the dream that he attained for himself.  The Health Professionals and Specializing Physicians Scholarship Program is for students that are pursuing further education in hopes to attain a career as a medical professional.  Students have an opportunity to save some money while getting their dream education, as well as to become a trained professional one day.  Students are to simply write a 300 to 850 word essay in order to get an opportunity at $500 towards their college education.  Students striving to achieve their dream profession of helping others could easily make their dream come true with an opportunity like this.  Best of all, students have from October to October the following year to apply with deadline on October 15th.   You can apply to the Health Professionals and Specializing Physicians Scholarship and hundred more with just one form on

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