I Heart My Hometown Scholarship – $1,000

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New scholarship opportunities are being offered to students daily and now students have a huge selection of scholarships to apply to.  One of the newest scholarships that is being offered is the I Heart My Hometown Scholarship that was launched by REMAX of New Jersey for all students pursuing higher education.  Since the cost of education keeps rising, REMAX of New Jersey wants to award one student with a $1,000 scholarship to assist them with pursuing education without the worries of paying for college. REMAX is one of the leaders in the real estate playing field.  REMAX of New Jersey offers a real estate search database to finding the right home in the New Jersey area with all details and photos.  They are offering the $1,000 I Heart My Hometown Scholarship to students pursuing a college degree.  Applicants should complete the online application and write an essay on their hometown and why their hometown is unique.  Graduating high school seniors and all undergraduate students may apply.  Students need to submit an essay and short answers to apply.  Students have until April 30th to apply.  There is no reason to miss out on this opportunity being that it is a new scholarship and that there will not be many applicants to compete with.  Students that wish to find more scholarships to apply to as well as this one should visit where there are many scholarship opportunities to apply with just one application. ScholarshipOwl would like to help students apply to all scholarships they qualify for and by helping them focus on other educational responsibilities.

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