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Planning to study in a different country is a good decision but there are a lot of difficulties that one may have to face. The difference in the culture, tradition and environment can definitely be a question of worry. As you are not familiar with the people and the lifestyle, it may be difficult to get well versed with the new environment.

Above all, the cost of education abroad is quite high and this can disturb the financial stability of any family. That is why scholarships have come as a boon for the international students as it offers the best possible financial assistance to fund your college fee without any problem.

Nowadays the trend of going to other countries for higher studies is on rise with US being on the top. With the help of the scholarships, it becomes easy for the parents to send their children to the best college of US without worrying about the ways to collect money for their college fee.

The amount of money received as a part of the scholarship is enough to pay the college fee and also meet other requirements as well. One can explore countless US scholarships that are specially meant for the international students. But the most important factor to consider is the eligibility criteria. If you do not fulfill the conditions, you cannot apply for the scholarship. So be a little careful and search for the scholarships that match with your qualification and other skills.

Let us go through the various US scholarships for which you can apply.

American Association of University, Women International Fellowships

This fellowship is given to the female students who enroll in any full time graduate or postgraduate program. The scholarship is introduced every year and its last date usually falls in the month of December. Just go through the criteria of the scholarship, if you fulfill it, you are eligible to apply for the same. More information about its process and other information can be gathered from the official website.

SIT study – Abroad HBCU scholarships

School for International Training offers these scholarships to the students who wish to excel in their career. The overall motive is to assist the students in building leadership qualities that are very important for an individual. There are plenty of programs organized by SIT, therefore you can go through and enroll for any one of them as per your choice.

AWS International Scholarship Program

If you are enrolled in a bachelor’s program, you can apply for this scholarship. Apart from the graduate degree, your GPA should be excellent so that you are eligible to apply for the AWS international scholarship program.

NSCS Academy – broad scholarship

Such types of scholarships are meant only for the outstanding students who have a high academic performance record. With the help of this program, you not only get the admission in the top college or university but you can receive a global exposure which can take your career in a new direction. A minimum GPA score of 3.4 is required to apply for the scholarship along with other eligibility criteria’s as well.

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