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Who does not like discounts on things they love? Whether you are buying a t-shirt or even a house, getting a discount means that there is always extra cash in your pocket.  Well it is time to get a discount on your education and save some money.  Students find it hard to work and go to school, so having extra money means that they can buy some school supplies with.  A – Z Printing is a leader in printed custom discounted raffle and admission tickets with different colors and designs.  They created the “Impact a Life” Raffle Tickets Scholarship to help students further their education and lower their college expenses.  Applicants get chosen based on the best written essays that stand out to the judges.  That is all that students are required to do, simply submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words.  Students that are 18 years of age or older and enrolled in a college are welcome to apply.  Whether they are enrolled in an undergraduate program or a graduate program, they still get a chance to apply for this opportunity.  The only other requirement is that they must be U.S. citizens.  Three scholarship awards will be given away in the amount of $400, $600, and $1,000.  Just imagine what that money can buy.  There is no need for students to prove their grades or their GPA.  This is a great chance for the future leaders and motivated students.  Instead of having one winning recipient, three will get chosen.  Not many scholarship opportunities offer that.  That means students have a greater chance at winning.  Best of all, the deadline is on December 31st annually.

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