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It is not at all easy to get a Tennis scholarship as many students are applying for assistance. This is also due to the fact that a relatively small number of scholarships are under the athletic association guidelines. It is a very competitive sport which requires a lot of dedication, practice and a natural ability to succeed. You must be a very aggressive student if you are pursuing sports scholarships with regards to tennis. You should start contacting prospective collegiate programs when you are in the last years of high school. Here are few steps which you must take so that you are able to muster the attention of colleges and universities with active programs.

Promote Skills Aggressively: If you wish to get a tennis scholarship, self-promotion and marketing are necessary so as to get the attention of coaches and recruiters. Every athlete who applying for tennis scholarships should make a video of highlights from tournaments that shows short sets from many different matches. The duration of the videos should not be more than 15 to 20 minutes. Along with the video you must include a short biography; a list of tournament rankings as well as the schedule of tournaments that you will be attends ding in the next few months. All of this should be sent to the coaches of your prospective colleges. You should also prepare follow-up letters which will be normally sent a short time afterwards to make sure that the package has reached the correct people. Sending such a package will give the coaches an idea of your personal athletic ability and at the same time it will be able to provide a list of tournaments which the coach can attend in order to see the applicant play in person.

Recruiting Assistance: Many commercial agencies specialize in connecting qualified as well as talented high school students with coaches who will be able to provide sports scholarships. They are very expensive and do not guarantee results. There is no alternative of providing an option for very talented individuals who are having difficulty in finding coaches or even for those who do not have the resources to enter into frequent tournament play. Athletes who are studying in high schools will also be able to get help through school coaches, personal trainers and also the athletic alumni of universities in the area. Every alternative to help when applying for tennis scholarships should be explored and used if available.

Career Options After School: After graduation, a lot of career opportunities in tennis and related fields are available. You can easily become program directors, personal trainers as well as event coordinators at luxury resorts, private clubs and even in the municipal parks. In the business and marketing arena the opportunities include administrative positions in a club and management of a pro shop and event promotion. Outdoor careers in tennis consist of court maintenance, sports recruiter and reporter. A career as a professional tennis player is highly successful and a sports scholarship can let you achieve this dream.

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