International Gem Society Scholarship – $,750

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Are you interested in studying science? Looking for a scholarship for your favorite major? If Geology is one of your choices you have found a good one.

Many people find geology interesting and see the important role it has in mapping our history.  Geology introduces us to our physical landscape and helps understand how better to protect the environment.  It holds important answers to the evolution of Earth. We depend on good geologists to introduce us to our history and what is awaiting us.  The International Gem Society is an online resource group that offers information on gems.  The founder of IGS, Donald Clark enjoyed sharing elements on gems and geology and now in honor of him, IGS hopes to get students interested in geology.  We would like to brighten up one student’s future by giving them a $750 scholarship towards their college education.  It is not necessary to be enrolled in geology ; all students are eligible to apply.  The scholarship is for all undergraduate and graduate students.  Students may be studying education or psychology and are still able to apply for this great opportunity.  All students need to do is submit a minimum 1,000 word essay in order to qualify.  Best of all, this scholarship is an annual scholarship with the deadline in December and students are welcome to apply anytime.  The moment has come to get students involved and make an impact in the world.  One student will get a chance to pursue their career further by getting assistance towards their college education.


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