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Many international students are interested in going to abroad and other countries so that they can pursue their higher studies. This trend is rising day by day and it has been only possible with the various scholarships that are easy to grab. Gone were the days when going abroad was just the right of the royal and the rich people. But nowadays anyone who is eligible for the scholarship and has the ability to utilize their skills in the best way can easily go for higher studies. There are numerous opportunities that you can explore but it is all about making the right use of the chance given to you.

If you have a dream to study abroad, the US scholarships will definitely turn your thoughts into reality. There are so many types of scholarship programs available for the students.  You are free to go through the different scholarships and decide the one that best fits with your requirements. If you are eager to know more about the US scholarships, here is a quick review that can prove helpful to you.

MacDowell Colony Residencies Fellowship

People working in any of the disciplines like music composition, architecture, visual arts, literature etc. can apply for this scholarship. It is necessary to send the completed application to the organization so that the panel can review the various applications and shortlist the few names that are considered apt for the fellowship. The scholarship is introduced thrice a year for spring, fall and summer season. Make sure that you send the application before the deadline is over.

Emory University International Scholarships       

These scholarships are only open to the international students who wish to pursue their graduate degree.  Plenty of scholarship programs are provided to the students with each one covering either the half or full tuition fee of the college. In order to apply for this scholarship, you will have to send the duly filled application, necessary documents and the letter of recommendation from your school.  The last date of reaching the application is in the month of November.

BlackBerry Scholarship for International Women          

Those students who are eager to be a part of any of the fields including technology, science, engineering, mathematics etc. is liable for this scholarship. But only the women students can apply for it but the scholarship is open for everyone including the US students as well.  10 scholarships will be provided to the students along with travel and accommodation expense too.

Courage in Journalism Awards for International Women Journalists

Women who are interested in being a part of the journalism can grab this opportunity and avail the benefits of this scholarship. Whether you wish to pursue a full time, part time or a freelancer, you can still apply for this scholarship program to meet your requirements.

There are many more scholarships including National Society of Accountants Scholarships, International Undergraduate Scholarships, Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund, Mojave Audio Vocal Scholarships, Albright Institute Fellowships, BMI Student Awards for International students, DAAD Annual Grants, Leader of the Pack Scholarship, The Roothberth Fund Scholarship Program, Swiss Benevolent Society of New York Scholarships etc. for which you can apply.

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