JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship- $500

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We all had a favorite teacher that has made an influence on us and helped us learn better.  Those teachers were committed to helping us get further knowledge and study more in order to give us more opportunities in the future.  Teachers are idols and they serve a main purpose of what the future could bring for the students.  Being a teacher can be difficult especially because they work so hard to educate children, but their salaries are not good.  We would like to help those students who wish to become a teacher and who want to help students expand their knowledge.  JAM Paper and Envelope is a family owned business that is a supplier of paper products, office supplies, party supplies, as well as other supplies.  They offer the best products for every person’s needs.  They are constantly seeing teachers buy school supplies and teacher materials out of their own pocket.  Their main focus now is to help teachers for all their hard work and commitment.  They would like to help future teachers by offering a $500 JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship towards their education.  This scholarship is for students who are current college/university students that are pursuing a degree in Education or other similar fields.  We are looking for someone who is ready to make an impact on others and who is pursuing their career with a purpose.  The scholarship is being offered twice a year with the spring deadline being on November 15th and the fall deadline on July 15th.You can sign up for this scholarship and hundreds more, using only one form on

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