JUST POETRY!!! National High School Poetry Scholarship Contest- $500

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Attention high school students!  This scholarship contest is only for high school students!  Instead of writing many essays just as many scholarship competitions require, students are asked to write a poem.  It is certainly a lot less work for great amount of funds going towards your education.  The Live Poets Society of New Jersey is offering the JUST POETRY National High School Poetry Scholarship Contest to all students attending high school.  Students get a chance to earn some money towards their education.  Applicants are only required to submit their original poem of 20 lines or less by the deadline.  Best of all, it can be on any topic of their choice.  Applicants must be high school students to apply.  This scholarship contest is being offered four times a year with a chance to win each quarter.  The deadline for the Fall quarter is June 30th, Winter quarter is September 30th, Spring quarter is December 31st, and Summer quarter is March 31st.  Students can apply for each quarter that is being offered.  Best of all, many students will be awarded.  Each quarter, there will one $500 “Poet of the Year” winner, four students will be chosen as $500 Issue’s winner, and an additional four selected as $100 chosen winners.  Hundreds of other students will be chosen as winners as well, will get noticed, and get published along with all top winners in the quarterly magazine.  This scholarship opportunity gives many students a chance to win money for their education.  It is easy, rewarding, and awards multiple students.

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