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Children that have relatives who are police officers may want to pretend that they are a police officer themselves.  Children learn from such examples and may wish to protect or even treat someone’s wound one day if they know someone who is a doctor or a nurse.  Kiddie Collection would like to hear what students thought about being while they were growing up.  Kiddie Collection has been there for little ones offering top quality children’s products such as toys, baby items, games, and more.  They would like to help students in the next level get themselves prepared for their future potential.  They are now offering a $3,500 Kiddie Collection Scholarship to a student that wishes to become a leader one day.  The student that submits the best essay gets their chance at money towards their postsecondary education.  Applicants are asked to write an essay by the deadline without having to meet a certain word limit and they can express themselves in any length just as long as they keep their essay interesting and catchy.  Legal residents of the United States, legal international students, and students from the American Samoa, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam may apply.  This scholarship opens in May and has a deadline in December.  When it comes to the time when students need to choose what they want to study, they have to see what they are really suitable for or perhaps what they have true passion for.  Whether it is a T.V. show that left an impact or perhaps a person in a suit, everything that one has seen in the past can have an influence in future choices.

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